LilySky Art

Sky Rockenbach

When I was younger people often asked if I planned for art to be my career.  My response was no, I choose to create it for myself. That sentiment was really the heart of my artistic endeavors.

Later on, I had a realization that art truly was all that I wanted to do and decided to devote my time towards my craft.  The act of creating is a type of focus unlike any other and quickly became an obsession.

This site acts as a showcase of 15 years of work which is still going stong.  There are many styles and transitions, but all come from the same an unstoppable urge to create.

Glance through flash for tattoo designs.  Appointments will be starting around the summer of 2017 while I am apprenticing.

The Gallery is a portfolio of past and current work. Four categories separate the most common mediums and show different styles.

Try my Etsy Store!  There you will find a small selection of my ready-to-order canvases.